Back On Track – The End of the Reading Slump 1 comment

What’s Going On… Hello my bookish peeps!  I know, I know – long time no see.  My break from most things bookish ended up stretching out way longer than I expected!  Sometimes you just lose the motivation to do things and they become more of a chore than a pleasure. […]


Happy July!! Halfway through 2017

What’s Going On… Happy July ya’ll!!!  Summer is definitely in full swing these days and the holiday weekend is here.  Hope you are all enjoying beaches, barbecues or poolside afternoons.   Last week we took a trip to visit the hub’s family in Pennsylvania.  We don’t get up there often […]

Some Big Changes….Or Maybe Not. 3 comments

What’s Going On…  Sometimes you run across something on the internet and that little voice says “Nope..don’t click on that!  You really don’t want to read that.”   Our  little bubbles of ignorance are so shiny and pink. But you click the photo or the news headline and pop the […]