Let’s Start the New Year Right! 1

In trying to get 2019 off in the right direction, I’m starting off with a new blog post! As you know, I had to step back from both reading and my blog in the last half of 2018. Sometimes we all need a break! I have to say that I’m […]

Life Is A Highway… 1

What’s going on… Wow, the last few weeks have been busy! My calendar says they are going to stay that way.  Being on the go can be fun, it depends on what you’re doing I suppose.  I’m not a real fan of car trips. After an hour I want out! […]

Honey, I’m Home 1

What’s going on… Last week was family vacation on the Outer Banks! We’ve been going down there every summer in July since I was about 7 years old.  However, while my family has been, the hubs and I have not gone down for the week in many years.  For lots […]