Mamma Said There’d Be Days Like This 1

What’s going on… It’s the middle of January and the year has gotten off to a really slow start.  I hate feeling like I’m behind, yet that seems to be my perpetual state of affairs.   My goals this year were organization and being more timely about things in general.  That […]

It’s My Party… 3

What’s going on…   Happy Birthday to me!  It’s a bit of a tame year for birthday’s, after losing my grandmother last week, everyone is sort of having low-key celebrations.  We’ve got four in my family between January 8 and 16.  Hopefully next year they will be a bit happier. […]

Goodbye, Norma Jean 4

What’s going on…   My grandmother was Norma Jean. No, not that one, and she would be quick to tell you that she was not named after that one.  We sadly lost her Monday night, she was 85. She was still of a generation that lived through some real stuff, […]