Giveaway Winner and Reading Monday… 2

What’s Going On… Let’s start the day out with the good stuff!  A winner was chosen for our giveaway from October 5th.  Big congratulations to Stephanie D!!!  Please contact me via email: and I will forward your info. on to the publisher and they will send your book to […]

A Day of Bad Luck?… 2

What’s Going On… Happy Friday 13th!  Do you feel like today is any more likely to bring bad luck to you?  Do you avoid cracks in the sidewalk or shy away from black cats?  Personally, I’ve never found a Friday 13th any reason to worry.  For the record – I […]

Time To Step It Up… 1

What’s Going On…  A few years back I managed to lose quite a bit of weight.  Apparently I have a homing beacon because every single one of those shed pounds managed to find their way home.  Arguably I’m not a “heavy” person.  Many people look at me and think I’m […]