Yearly Archives: 2012

Take Five…

I’m  back from an unintentional break.  Some of it due to lack of motivation, some of it due to lack of privacy- it’s hard to write a blog, or anything really with hovering people. Not that this hovering is ill natured by the Hubs, it just is what it is.  Someone sees you […]

Longest Day of the Year

Wednesday, June 20 was the Summer Solstice the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year.  I spent it as a beautiful, however hot, evening on the beach of the Chesapeake Bay. My first Zumba on the Beach class was also Wednesday.  I lived through it I am […]

Monday Monday

So it’s Monday and I have the Monday morning blahs!  How is it possible to not have a job and STILL hate Monday?  I missed Zumba today.  This makes me grouchy.  I actually did manage to get my lazy ass out of bed by some fantastic miracle.  However I quickly […]