Monthly Archives: May 2012

Rain! And the rest of the week…

Well the Memorial Day Weekend came and went without much notice.  Dare I say I’m not overly excited nor disappointed by this.  Well, aside from the missed opportunity to shop.  The pool parties, barbecues, pyrotechnics on the beach are fun and I do look forward to them, however, I also don’t miss […]

The Calorie Burn

TGIF!!  This week I’ve been off a day – so it’s taken even longer for Friday to come around.   I hate that. This morning I went to my relatively new Zumba class.  For a fairly “all white” girl it’s a bit overwhelming but it’s fun.  I feel rather uncoordinated […]

Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!  It used to be a favorite holiday when I was a kid, it meant our pool was opening.  Summer was starting and school was ending.  Like many holidays – the fabulous tends to fade when you become an adult. What I do look forward to is […]