Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!  It used to be a favorite holiday when I was a kid, it meant our pool was opening.  Summer was starting and school was ending.  Like many holidays – the fabulous tends to fade when you become an adult.

What I do look forward to is any sale shopping I might be able to do!  Since it IS still the beginning of summer any good Southern Gal pal knows what that means:  Time to break out those white shoes and purses ladies!  Now I know some of you may have tried to sneak in a wear or two as the weather warmed up.  I CONFESS I am guilty of one outing in a new pair of sweet white capri pants I picked up.  And while people will tell you how nice and “ready for summer” you look – you know they are talking about you behind your back.

Orange will NEVER be the new pink – and any mannered southern girl does NOT where white shoes, carry a white purse, or wear white pants (not matter how cute) before Memorial Day.

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