The Calorie Burn

TGIF!!  This week I’ve been off a day – so it’s taken even longer for Friday to come around.   I hate that.

This morning I went to my relatively new Zumba class.  For a fairly “all white” girl it’s a bit overwhelming but it’s fun.  I feel rather uncoordinated and the giant mirrors do not help that whatsoever.  Let’s just say the closest thing this shawty’s got to Apple bottom Jeans and Boots with the Fur are Calvin Kleins and flip flops with cat hair.

I also came home and spent a bit of time weeding out the back flower and garden beds.  I figure it’s nearly June so it’s getting close to that now or never point.  Hopefully by the end of the long weekend I’ll have some flowers, herbs and veggies back there.

With all this work this morning I was feeling quite proud of myself.  Especially the Zumba.  That’s one of those crack of dawn things I’m not too good at.  I get up at 7:30 for the 9:00 class.  But I’m sticking with it – GO ME!

Combined with the gardening I think I got more sweaty than most of the men I know.  I still have yet to discover how to be one of those people who can be all nasty and say with a straight face how good it feels.  I would love to think I burned an amazing amount of calories off as well.  All I’m noticing so far from my efforts is stinky laundry for the pile and a  stomach begging for lunch.


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