Rain! And the rest of the week…

Well the Memorial Day Weekend came and went without much notice.  Dare I say I’m not overly excited nor disappointed by this.  Well, aside from the missed opportunity to shop.  The pool parties, barbecues, pyrotechnics on the beach are fun and I do look forward to them, however, I also don’t miss them as it’s always as much of a brouhaha than a good time.

Tropical Storm/Depression Beryl is in town and today brings lots of rain.  I don’t mind really as I love a rainy afternoon.  The cats mind it much more than I do as there is no sun in the window to laze about in.  They are making due with the living room sofa and the daybed in their room today.  For a Tropical system Beryl really visited us with little flair.  Nothing more than a quite house with the pattering of thick rain on the windows.  The trees are barely moving outside even the birds are flying around.  As it is not even June and this is the second so called storm to breeze our way I’m certain we’ll see worse in the coming summer as in years past.

Success over the weekend did come in the form of planting a few items in the back garden!  So upcoming this week is finishing to pluck the weeds from the front flower beds, that is an ongoing torment, and to get a few more things to add to the back.  I always hate to buy too much because I like to get the first round of stuff in and put it where I want it and see what space is left to work with.  Besides, they never have everything you want the first go around anyway.

This is the weekend of my wedding anniversary!  On Monday June 4 I will have been married to my husband, Bill, for 7 years.  So hopefully we will do something nice over the weekend though no plans are made yet.  I got my gift awhile back and it’s been sitting in a closet waiting for me.  I was good and actually left it there!  A new Coach purse!  Though, I CONFESS, I have pulled it out for a peek or two here and there.  I will go and pick up a gift for him tomorrow, maybe Friday.


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