One Week…

So It’s been a WEEK since my last post.  Sad to say it’s been tough to carve out a few moments to jot down the goings on around here in some peace.

So whats new?  The lilies out front will be soon to blossom!  My catnip plant is infested with some sort of pest. I’m very upset over that one!  I love bringing in fresh catnip for the four legged babies.

The hubby and I went and got a new set of Calphalon non-stick cookware.  That’s nice!  Goes to show you what one week of hubby doing the dishes will accomplish – bye bye stainless pots and pans.  Now I do love my stainless but they can be a real pain.  And Bill taking over the dishes was completely his doing so I do give him his credit there.  However I struggled cleaning that stainless steel for five years.  After a week of it we go out and buy all new cookware.  Hardly seems fair to me but I’m not complaining because the new Calphalon is pretty nice.

No Zumba this past Monday – I was a tad under the weather.  That makes me a bit grouchy as I look forward to it.  Friday’s class may get moved or canceled we will see.


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