Exercise Beauty Queen

Friday was a bit atypical as Zumba class was moved to the afternoon as planned.  I liked that so much better than the early morning rise and shine.  If you can’t tell – mornings are not my thing.  The only downfall to an exercise class at nearly 2p.m. is that the “scrub rule” is thrown out.

The “scrub rule” is what I like to call the implied flexibly in ones appearance to a 9a.m.  exercise class, run, visit to the gym and so fourth.  Little make up, hair, or even a pre-shower is really unnecessary.  A tumble out of bed, ponytail, a quick swipe of make up (yes I confess I wear makeup to exercise!!) and some deodorant will get a girl by.  However, all this goes out the window in the afternoon.  It’s kind of a bitch.
There was a Zumba Marathon on Saturday.  I neglected to go for two reasons.  The first and most obvious reason being that I will refrain from horribly embarrassing myself  by dancing outside of the dance studio’s doors at this point. Maybe later.  The second reason is that all of these things start dreadfully early!!  Eight in the morning for Lord’s sake.  At some point when I’m just too excited to contain myself I may be persuaded to shake my booty at dawn but for now this ba-donk-a-donk will be in bed at that hour.
As for today I ventured out to pick up what I believe will be the last of the planting in the back garden.  A new rosemary plant,  a green bell pepper and some zinnia seeds just for fun.  I also got some lettuce variety seed packs to hold on to for planting in the fall and that will be something new to try this year.  We’ll see how it goes.  I weeded the rest of the front flower bed out – always a chore.  I have on order some food grade diatomaceous earth as I hear it’s a good insect repellent for organic gardens.  
Tomorrow I hope to catch some sun in the back yard and make some more head way in my audible book, Crime and Punishment.  I’m not quite halfway done yet but I’m enjoying it.  Possible the weather will be nice and I may be able to catch a day on the beach next week.

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