Day of Freedom

Half way through the week and I have earned a much need day of FREEDOM!  My husband works from home, most of the time, but today he is out and about.  It’s like a get out of jail free card for me.

In all honesty I  haven’t done anything any differently than any other day that he is home.  Which basically means I have done nothing – only I have done nothing without someone watching me do it.  Sorry to admit there was no wild romp going on.  Though I do like having him around most of the time sometimes I really do look at him when he’s not looking and think to my self “Oh my GOD you HAVE to LEAVE!”  This sounds terrible I know.  It’s only a matter of being in such close proximity to someone for sometimes weeks on end and I assure you that he feels the same way.  I am positive he cherishes the two mornings a week I leave to go to Zumba and he gets some peace as well.

This must be what mom’s feel like a few days after school lets out for the summer.  They are glad the kids are home but it doesn’t take long before they are ready to do away with them and hide the bodies.

Which brings me to another topic from this week – an odd segue to be sure!  Have you ever had those moments where you wish life was like that movie Monster In Law with Jennifer Lopez?  You’re just happily going along and something tweaks your nerves and you get that nice little cut away where you can bash someone’s head into a wall or something.  Then you just chug right back along like nothing ever happened. Man that would be so nice.

I think that would be my superpower if I could have one.  Screw being invisible or having the ability to fly over buildings.  I would like to freeze time be able to beat the living daylights out of people and then resume time and no one would be the wiser.  Talk about stress management!

On another note – we cut off our cable t.v. this past week.  Our two year contract was over and with the prices of cable and d.v.r. service combined with the other options like Hulu and streaming Netflix and Amazon we just decided we (Me – my husband never watches t.v.) don’t watch enough t.v. to justify what it costs every month.  It’s kind of odd to say we don’t have cable.  More and more people are getting rid of it now for the same reasons but you still kind of feel like that kid from the sticks you knew as a kid that didn’t have a t.v. when you say “we don’t have cable”.

Tomorrow I have another hubby free zone coming my way.  Though the ridiculousness of this leaves me at a loss. He is attending my aunt’s son’s graduation from the fifth grade.  I’ll pause for that to sink in.  This is not completely my aunt’s silliness as the school puts on this whole graduation thing for the fifth graders – it’s pretty common now – but I believe they are also doing a special dinner or something and getting him gifts and other nonsense.  I don’t know all the details as I am not participating nor invited  however that is a WHOLE other story!

I’m not alone in not understanding this phenomenon.  A good friend of mine knows people that do this as well and is just as baffled.  I know that I had a graduation from pre-school (still common) but I think the next thing I officially graduated was High School.  I do not understand the necessity to celebrate every made up mile stone of a child’s life these days.  Unless the simple fact is that parents are honestly happy the kids these days made it to that point in life.  In knowing and seeing some of the kids and teens around – I would probably celebrate making it out of elementary school too.

In any case I will enjoy the alone time!


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