Monday Monday

So it’s Monday and I have the Monday morning blahs!  How is it possible to not have a job and STILL hate Monday?  I missed Zumba today.  This makes me grouchy.  I actually did manage to get my lazy ass out of bed by some fantastic miracle.  However I quickly discovered that I had not washed any of my work out pants.  I only have three pairs so it’s not like there is a huge stash.  But I could have SWORN I saw a clean pair so I didn’t worry about it.  I was wrong.

I CONFESS that laundry is not my strong suit.  I let things sit in the dryer until they wrinkle beyond repair.  And I’d rather restart that dryer twice than iron anything.  Sometimes I rewash things rather than iron them.  Gasp – how wasteful!  You know what – WHATEVER!  We all do crap like that.  I forget about stuff in the washing machine.  I’ll go to start a  load and HOLY SHIT there is stuff in there!  God only knows when I actually washed it (the first time) so that gets washed again.  For as much as I dislike the never ending laundry you would think I would find a way to stop doing it twice.

In any case, I was pretty mad that my laundry pitfall was the key to my Zumba-less Monday today.  However the bright note is that Wednesday starts Zumba on the beach.  This I am looking forward too!  I think I will bag the Monday morning class for awhile in exchange for Wednesday as three days a week I think will be a bit much.  I’m still kind of new at this.

Today my husband is back at home working.  Not only that, he’s on conference calls all day – I hate that.  It means I’m locked out of the “office” i.e. computer room and I have child wrangling duty.  It’s pretty hard to keep cats quiet when they are banging down the door to get to the napping place they are most accustomed to.  They are creatures of habit and they want their comfy sunny window.

They are making me nuts!  I love my kitty kids – but they are horrid when they want something and they don’t get it!  Not far from human children I guess.

It’s been fairly cloudy and cool and breezy here for the past several days.  Nice that it’s not terribly hot – that will come soon enough, however it would be nice for it to be a bit warmer and sunnier for some outside activity.  I haven’t made it over to the beach yet though I’ve worked on my backyard tan a time or two.  None of that today though.

The garden is starting to look good.  Hopefully soon I’ll see if the organic pesticide worked.  I have some small cherry tomatoes and a baby green pepper I’m keeping an eye on.  My first round of lilies are wonderful.  I have to decide where that rosemary I got a few days ago is going to go.  I think we are going to redesign the back gardens for next year and I need to start thinking about that.  Right now there are just three raise square box beds.  No real “design” but I would like some crushed shell around them and some real thought put into it to make them pretty.  We shall see.

Off to start the laundry battle!


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