Longest Day of the Year

Wednesday, June 20 was the Summer Solstice the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year.  I spent it as a beautiful, however hot, evening on the beach of the Chesapeake Bay.

My first Zumba on the Beach class was also Wednesday.  I lived through it I am happy to say – but it was close.  At 6:30 p.m. it was still in the upper 70’s  so it was pretty hot for a cardio workout out there.  Yes, I will go again because it was fun.  But now, having done something like that, next time I am lazing away in my beach chair by the surf and some beach jogger goes by I can say with authority they are crazy.

The nicest part about Zumba on the beach was the end.  Other than the fact that my ears were ringing from heat exhaustion – my husband was waiting for me with a picnic dinner.   We flopped down on a patch of sand and sat in the sunset for about  hour.  It was a very nice evening and one that I hope to repeat often.  He makes no secret about the fact he has absolutely no intention of joining the crazy ladies for Zumba.

Other than that – the summer heat has come in and I’m sure it has every intention of sticking around through the fall.  It’s been in the upper 80’s or low 90’s here.  Which is sadly typical for around here.  We get blazing heat and we do get chilly winters – or at least by our standards.  Not North Dakota cold – but the 30’s is fair game.

I do think we should move to Florida or maybe Georgia even, a pretty coastal town with sailboats.  The summer heat is nearly the same but the winter is so much more pleasant. Somewhere deep down I do think I’d miss having the seasons though.  

We don’t get any snow here – all the cold, none of the benefit.  Every time I get the L.L. Bean on Eddie Bauer catalog filled with cozy looking down jackets and winter boots and flannel pajamas I always want to move to Vermont or some such place.  The pristine snow covered log cabins set off in the woods with smoke billowing from the chimney seems so peaceful. 

But I really would hate that for any longer than a week or so. The first time I had to lug groceries through muddy black slush I’d be over that shit.

This coming week I am babysitting for my mother – well cat sitting.  She is on a cruise to Alaska and visiting Seattle for two days while on the West Coast.    Maybe she will see some snow.  Other than that – no big plans for me.


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