Take Five…

I’m  back from an unintentional break.  Some of it due to lack of motivation, some of it due to lack of privacy- it’s hard to write a blog, or anything really with hovering people.

Not that this hovering is ill natured by the Hubs, it just is what it is.  Someone sees you typing up stuff they ask the harmless 20 questions “what are you doing” “why are you doing that” etc.  Sometimes you just don’t want to explain.  Everyone must know that feeling.  It’s not a hiding what you are doing in any way – my blog is public and anyone can look it up by my name.  It’s just the not wanting to explain it.

In any case – last week we went to a funeral – always a fun thing to do.  The thought occurred to me while I was there that I have been to more funerals in my life than weddings, bridal or baby showers combined.  That’s pretty sad!  Now I suppose you could argue the weddings because I have photographed several, however, I’m only counting ones of people I actually know.

The big story over the past several days has been how freakin’ HOT it’s been.  MY GOD!  The temp has been right below 100 for days on end with the heat index between 105 and 110.  It’s just sweltering and everyone is miserable.  This coming week is supposed to be better, rainy but we’ll take it.  Nearly anything is better than practically being roasted.

I am done cat-sitting as my mom is home from Alaska.  I don’t mind watching them but I can always tell they are so lonely and ready for “mom” to come home.  I wish I could bring Maddison and Toby to my house so they wouldn’t be so lonely but they wouldn’t be happier here.

Wish there was more to tell – especially since there was a such a time since the last post.  But I admit that the   tales from real life of a real person are not all together that fabulous at times!  If they made a reality series that followed me I dare to say there would not be much to fill the time!  You would see  Zumba classes, grocery shopping at Trader Joes, some funny footage of my cats for sure but that about covers most days!

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