The F-It List

So after NOT posting an entry in like a YEAR – here we go.  I will attempt to get back onto this blog train.

Why?  Well an interesting thing really.  Recently, I was getting my hair cut. My girl and I love to chat it up, she’s so nice and I love her, she tells me “Girl you should have a blog – you are funny!” and I think to myself, well I use to. And here in lies the trouble.

As someone I know says “I gotta lot of quit in me”  I have a list a mile long of things I started and VERY short list of things I have finished.  A flaw in me to be sure.

I call this phenomenon the Fuck It List.  Everyone you know has a Bucket List – you know all those wonderful things you want to do before you die.  Skydiving, buying that expensive car someday, taking that fancy vacation, losing that 20 pounds – it goes on and on.  Well my Fuck It List stems from the Bucket List. It’s all the stuff I’ve ever tried – like Zumba, or when I was going to run the half marathon.  I got into and said crap this is too hard Fuck This!   And Bang! On the List it went.

So – I have tried to revive the Blog from the list.  We will see how it goes.


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