Modern Pigskin Diehard

These days you are just as likely to find your best gal pal inviting you over to watch Sunday’s “Big Game” as you are to get the details of last nights episode of “The Voice”.

These new found female football fanatics seem to be everywhere!  Facebook status updates showing team support.  Instagram photos of their painted up faces and game day outfits.  Pinterest runneth over with ways to turn mere chips and dip into an edible replica stadium.  It’s complete Game Day Party Madness.

So what is one to make of all these gals that pledge to love football?  I’m sure there are plenty of real fans out there.  Girls that can tell you stats to games and players from way back to the Glory Days of Joe Montana, Dan Marino,  and when the Raiders were awesome and ‘the skins’ were unstoppable. To when everyone knew who “The Fridge” was and when  Baltimore didn’t even have a pro-team.  But I digress, this is not my point.

My point is that I would bet good money a right good many of these Sunday Game junkies are craft junkies with a new muse.  The front desk girl at the office that’s so riled up about her fantasy football picks – is really just looking forward to next weeks opportunity to try out how to make a football made of cream cheese and walnuts.

Make no mistake – I am not and never will be a football fan.  I’m not knocking these new-age girls because they are sports nuts.  I’m calling them out for being fakes.

Instant foot ball fan!  Have your co-workers over, have a party, if you’re single you can hang with the fellas or chat em’ up at the bar.  I get it.  It just seems to me that it’s just an excuse in so many cases to put on a jersey slap up a pony tail.

So a thought for all those new “but I always loved” football fans ‘ Love what you love.  Take off the jersey. Stop updating Facebook with “go team go”  A real game fan opens a bag of chips and nukes a can of bean dip.  Fans call for a pizza and have the dude leave it on the porch till a commercial break.  Do not make mini versions of players out of humus and pretzel sticks and stop dressing up your dogs in jerseys to match yours.


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