Inspiration From a Friend

I have a friend in the sense that many of us have friends these days.  I chat with her, we have many common interests, we make each other laugh.  However we have never met.  A Facebook friend.  I can truly say that I have several of these “friends” these days – I belong to groups and have met great people.

It sort of makes you question what  IS a friend in the modern age.  Thirty years ago it was the person who lived next door or down the road just a bit.  Then maybe a friend was across town or a co-worker.  Now, it’s not uncommon to chat it up with people in another state or even a different country on a daily basis.  I don’t believe I know someone that I physically see every week any better than someone I chat with over the internet a few days a week.

In any case one of these modern age friends has inspired me to be better about my so-called blog.  She writes one all the time – basically every day.  Just a short clip of the days events and sometimes photos included.  It really serves as a public journal.  It’s great and pretty interesting.  I’d like to keep up with mine better.  I’m sure I won’t *sigh* but I’d like to.

On another note – I made an epic chocolate cake today.  I’ve been baking lately.  Not sure what that’s about.   I was washing some of the greasy icing dishes and a thought went through my head.  As gross as that dish was,  it was just sugar and butter and with  bit of soap and hot water and it was no problem.  So here is why science fails me.  I just can’t get over WHY I can’t eat that sugar and fat and then have it melt away next time I get in the shower.  What does our body do to it to take it permanent hostage?  Mind boggling.


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