Cleaning Queen for a Day 2

Every once in awhile the mood strikes and it’s one of those things that you can’t really let it pass you by.  It’s a seize the day kind of thing.  Carpe Diem!!  What is this ‘Go for the Gold’ most wonderful experience might you ask???  Housecleaning.

Oh yes, I can hear you sigh in disappointment.  Me too.  That is exactly why I have to strike while the iron is hot.  It’s a running joke that I clean the house, a good cleaning, about once a month.  If it happens to be early in the month when I’m cleaning up a storm I’ll laugh and say “better get it over with, then I’m good till next month.”

Though the truth is that with just me and the hubby I really don’t have to clean much more than the normal tidy up very often.  Today is a wash all the cat beds and vacuum the cat trees and tear apart the couch kind of cleaning day.  I need to take down the curtains to wash but I am just not feeling that adventurous.

The cats absolutely hate it when I wash their beds.  First of all they disappear for an hour or so and the cats all wonder around  in a daze because the designated napping spots have been abducted.  Then when the beds reappear they smell clean which is a total turn of to the kitties.  They like them again in a few days when they are a little less fresh.  For animals that are supposed to be so clean – they sure love their stinky old beds.

Later today is baking for tomorrow.  I’m lucky enough to be going somewhere for Thanksgiving rather than have people to my house.  I’m taking a chocolate cake that I’ve recently discovered I’m not to terrible at making.  I got a brand new Kitchenaid mixer the other night.  I’ve been baking up a storm!  I may even try a cookie recipe – we’ll see.  Keep your eyes peeled for the baking to go on the F-it List – it usually doesn’t take a new hobby to end up there.


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