Ventures in Baking

Good and yummy things just keep coming from my oven!  I’m in love with my new Kitchenaid mixer!  I hope it lasts.  Of course I don’t know how my Ralph Lauren jeans may feel about this.  I have a feeling they won’t be so happy before long.

So far I’ve made several loaves of white bread and some Italian style bread some of which was super yummy with a bowl of chili tonight. I have blessed my husband with two styles of cinnamon bread both from The Pioneer Woman.  One was a swirl bread and the other was a pull apart style drenched in icing. Both were scrumptious!
The other night I dabbled in oatmeal raisin cookies and I found a recipe for a fabulous chocolate cake which I’ve already made two of! One didn’t count because it went to Thanksgiving dinner. Tonights foray is a yellow cake with chocolate icing.
I don’t think I can go on like this much longer but I will sure try.  There are just too many delicious things to make and I sure do love to eat.  It’s the season for that you know.
My favorite thing in the world is good super rich cheese cake.  I just don’t know about that one though.  It’s dangerous ground. I have not yet started to look for a recipe I dare not until my skills are a bit sharper.  I’ve had a few cheesecake disasters in my past. OH but to be able to whip up a perfect version anytime would be wonderful!  Or it could be Pandora’s Box.  

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