The Holidays Are Rolling In!!

I love to shop.  Holiday shopping is especially contagious.  I find around October as the air turns cooler and minds start wandering to the upcoming festive season when people ask what I’d like for a gift my list is very small and humble.  About two weeks prior to Christmas Day, my list is long and eccentric!!

As I shop for others I can certainly follow the ‘one for you,two for me’ train of thought. I  love to shop for others but I never fail to find the fabulous for myself as well. This pretty much leaves me with the theory that I just love to shop – any excuse will do.

Over the Black Friday weekend I stayed tucked safely into my computer away from the mayhem.  Today is an exciting day for an online shopper.  The UPS truck pulled up and left the first of my packages at my door. Finally being able to inspect the loot is a thrill!

After an online purchase I am one of those shoppers that constantly checks up on my items via web tracking. Your order is being processed! Your order has shipped! Such anticipation.  I just LOVE when stuff shows up early! I admit I am a junkie.

Hopefully the rest of the season proves as fruitful as this weekend was.  I managed to score some good deals and the vast majority of my list is crossed off! Yeah me.

Though as much fun as purchasing is all the internet window browsing.  I love to scan the sites and look.  I can meander and wonder for hours.  I’ve discovered lots of new sites to peruse and the best part is they are open all night long and it takes no gas in my car to get there.

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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