The White Elephant…

Along with all your holiday fa-la-la and mistletoe laden merriment something else gets thrown onto  the gift giving fire for most people.  Anxiety.   That’s right! The gift giving season, while joyous, is a minefield.  Just before Santa comes sliding down that chimney all of the elves are one minute away from stepping in front of an oncoming bus and ending it all.

Holiday gift giving is an art form.  There are tons of articles and blog posts about giving the perfect holiday gift or how to avoid giving a bad one.  There is yet another onslaught of media directed at being a gracious recipient of the dreaded unwanted gift.  But through it all we are told not to worry because, after all, it’s the thought that really matters.

And then it happens.  You are presented with a gift from a dear friend or family member.  They give you a shiny package and hope gleams in their eyes. Your heart skips a beat because you can just tell this is going to be a really great gift.  Something that they spent a lot of time trying to find or they thing really speaks to how much they know you and what you love.

You open the box and peek inside.  What is this you wonder and smile.  Maybe a vase of some sort,  a gift card for  a day a the spa,  a beautiful hand-made piece of jewelry?  “OH…Oh my” you gasp and it is NOT because it’s a beautiful gift. You’ve been given a white elephant.  The most undesirable of all holiday gifts and you are going to need a moment.  Kinda like that commercial – where is a candy bar when you need one!?

Thank GOD you are prepared! You’ve read those stupid articles on the web about receiving crappy gifts and you can take this Duck Dynasty mug in stride.  You smile, hug your friend (who should KNOW you’ve never seen this dumb show) and you pour the wine you’re drinking into that ugly cup.  You need a bigger glass now anyway!

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