Winter Wonderland Envy

While the bulk of the country is blanketed in beautiful snow Virginia Beach is sopping wet with cold and dreary rain.  This is usually the case around here in the winter time.  Just barely too warm for snowflakes so we end up with bone chilling cold rain and wind. That’s the thing about living at the beach those ocean breezes that are nice in the summer make for chilling winds when it’s cold out.

I can understand when you are buried under eight feet of snow in so many weeks that those rolling hills of pristine white lose their charm.  It’s not exactly like flipping through the cozy L.L. Bean catalog. But those of us who never see the snow can dream.  I used to live further north and while we didn’t get the goods measurable in feet, we did get our fair share now and again.

I’m sure all those who live in the Winter Wonderlands and Ski Lodge Meccas of the world just about hate this time of year.  All the wanna be Olympic down hill skiers in the making – yeah the ones walking around on brand new crutches with the BIG stories. I would tell you the same about living at the beach- it just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

But this time of year – with the holidays and weather reports – it just makes me long for the snow.  I would love to be locked away in some ski resort surrounded by fireplaces, Christmas trees and snow.  Make no mistake I’m a Lodge Bunny not an Olympian.  I would fill my days on a sofa by a fire or shopping some cozy little place on a side street.  Sipping hot buttered rum and eating blueberry pancakes with fresh Maine berries and maple syrup straight from the tree.   I’d get all dolled up in pink snow boots and a warm new coat for a horse drawn carriage ride but that would top off my outdoor activities.

For now though, I have cranberry muffins warm and fresh out of the oven.  There is cinnamon bread rising and sugar cookie dough chilling.  That’s right – I’m baking my rainy day blues away.  The hubs and I have started playing cards in the evenings which has been great fun. Tonight will be warm cookies and gin rummy.


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