Twelve Days….

It’s officially the Twelve Days to Christmas countdown and I am worn out.  Done.  Over it!!

Just as I should be starting to bask in the glow of the holiday lights, the warmth of the fire and celebrate under the mistletoe; the Grinch has come to Whooville and stolen all my joy.  What can I say?  I’m not an overly cheery sort of gal in the first place so for me to end up on top of Mt. Crumpet with the green guy is not exactly a stretch of the imagination.

I will say in my own defense that I did start the season out with a bang.  I shopped and I shopped and choose gifts with delight.  I baked and I baked up a storm!  I made plans to go out and partake of the holiday mayhem and festivities.

So what happened?

Well, rain for one. So the “festivities” keep getting delayed and I think this weekend will be a bust as well, so that’s a big bummer.  The baking is going pretty well.  A few batches of trash but that’s to be expected.

But man alive don’t look at the scale because that’s going to be a mood killer for sure. I have a little black dress looming for New Years Eve that is literally now weighing on me with every cookie.  It’s singing at me from my closet  “Everything you bake, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.”  Seriously.

Next up we have that gift list.  Those fun to shop for gifts….on that all consuming gift list.  I purchased things over Black Friday weekend that have yet to ship.  For an obsessive person like me who needs up to the minute tracking details this has been torture.  I don’t understand how it takes nearly two weeks to get something ready to ship.

 I’m ready to cancel my STILL pending orders and buy something – anything – locally.  However, that will only add to the amount of items on that elusive “still to get” list.  Those last few items to pick up just before the big day or those hard to shop for people that always take longer to find a good gift for.  We all have them and it seems like every year we don’t figure out how do avoid putting them off to the last few days.

So hopefully over the weekend I will find a last reserve of holiday cheer and my heart will grow three sizes!! My last gifts will be purchased, the cards will get mailed and gifts wrapped up.  Either way it will all be over in a bit over a week!


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