Down to the Holiday Wire

It all comes down to the last few days.  Down to the wire. The making of the final “to do” list for the holiday. I can happily say my list will be short and most of it is really odds and ends that are not truly necessary.

The shopping is done, nearly all the wrapping is done – just a small thing or two left – the groceries are bought.  Luckily I don’t have much to do on that end.

It’s really been a thing for me for many years that I like to have a clean house just before the holidays.  I used to do a major cleaning undertaking just before we would go get a tree and decorate.  Really because once all that stuff goes up you can’t do much cleaning around it all.  Now that we don’t get a tree or decorate anymore, such is life with four cats, I am still in the habit of a major cleaning.

The ungodly warm weather has put me in the mood to clean I think.  It’s in the 70’s in late December which really is lovely but certain not to last and will make the impending cold only seem far worse.  Still, the windows are open and the kitties are enjoying it thoroughly!

Chocolate cupcakes are also on my list and this is the yummy part.  I’ve been wanting to make some real vanilla bean frosting so that leads to the chocolate cupcakes.

No big plans around here.  Just an easy few days of laundry and dusting.  I may even give myself a pedicure. I do plan on catching up on some t.v. or a movie or two and that should be where those cupcakes come in handy.


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