Yearly Archives: 2014

Busy Week… 2

Thinking about what to blog about and I realized what a busy and good week it’s been! First up is gardening – things are really taking off out back!  It’s amazing to see what our rainy days have brought to the plants.  They are all getting so full and green […]

Saturday Night Fever…. 2

So it’s not exactly a night out on the town this weekend.  I have few of those it seems these days. It has been a busy day of, mostly, fun things. To start the day, a box of spices arrived in my mailbox!  I placed an order at Penzys so that […]

The Thunder Rolls 2

Yesterday afternoon brought us, another, dark and stormy day.  The rain poured down and the air was alive with disco ball flashes of light.  The  thunder was like the waves of the ocean with its long low rumbles that seem to carry on forever, the next one coming before the […]