The Journey Begins

Making a List and Checking it Twice!!

So here begins the gardening journey!  This is not my first year of gardening. I’ve had some previous endeavors, however, I’m going to call this the second real tempt.

I’ve done some raised beds for the past few summers with some so-so luck.  Last year the hubby and I built new beds in a different spot in the yard and tilled up a “real” garden patch – thus I called last year my first real garden.  I grew corn, carrots, watermelon, butternut squash and it was all very exciting and quite a learning experience.  Sadly my tomatoes, lettuce, melons and peas paid the price of my learning curve.
This year I am taking on the ambitious endeavor of growing my own transplants from seedling in the garage.  I just can’t resist giving my partially black thumb an opportunity to rear it’s ugly head.  This will either be extremely fun to watch all the seeds sprout into about a zillion plants for the outdoors or it will be a failure of Titanic proportion.  It can really go either way.
I’ve immersed myself, to much annoyance of the hubbs, in garden blogs, YouTube videos and the all mighty seed catalogs.  I really think my head may explode before this is over!  I have great aspirations of rows and rows of bursting  pepper plants, juicy home grown ‘maters and pies made from pumpkins grown right in my melon patch.
Here’s to a productive planting season!

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