Sea of Seeds

Even last night I was still thumbing through the beautiful pages of colorful, vibrant fruits, veggies and leafy green lettuces.  It’s such an old persons thing to do!  In all honesty though the demographic of the gardener is changing.  
More and more 20 and 30 somethings are hauling out the tiller and getting in the dirt.  Each person has their own reason for wanting to get into the plating of a garden.  Some find it a great way to connect to grandparents.  Some find it very relaxing and peaceful, like myself.  Other want to be more connected to the food they eat and I admit this is a big part of my gardening drive as well.  
Make no mistake though no matter how many ways you find to cut some expenses, gardening is a hobby and all hobbies cost money.  Especially in the early phases of initial investment.   Granted you are buying items that are reusable for years to come but the first few years of gardening hardly seem worth it when you can pick up a tomato for a buck and ten ears of corn for two dollars.  But the pride of bringing in something from a garden that you have tended for weeks or months to eat and share is priceless.  
This year my endeavor starts earlier with these mountains of little seeds instead of store bought transplants. In somewhat of an attempt to save some cash, transplants are NOT cheap compared to seed packs, but also to extend my gardening experience.  Growing the plants myself I think will be a lot of fun given they actually grow and survive!  
So here is to a successful seed start and happy seedlings!!

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