Monthly Archives: April 2014

Today is Kindle day!  The UPS truck showed up earlier than I expected and I’m a happy camper.  I’ve got it all set up already and I’m looking forward to an afternoon of reading when it’s charged.  I love new gadgets!! So here is my first book on the Kindle […]

Rain Rain Go Away

Today marks the second day of possibly five dreary, rainy days.  I always like a good rainy day now and then but when you are looking at a weather forecast with no sunshine in sight it just gets depressing. It would figure that a few days after putting my first […]

Weekend Fun

Saturday was a wonderful day spent outside in the spring sunshine.  Hubbs and I went to a local craft show and plant sale.  I was able to pick up a new mint plant – Kentucky Colonel which is supposed to be the best for Mint Juleps.  ‘Tis the Derby season […]