Finally Spring!!!

With Spring in the air it’s hard not to feel the anticipation of all the new and wonderful (and warm) things just around the corner!

My endeavor to be a better and  more consistent blogger is not going well.  My last post was nearly sixty days ago.   Huge frowny face to me.

On another note – my baby seedlings are growing and I am truly surprised that I am not a plant murder by all rights.  Though they are all still safe in their little cups in a very controlled environment.  In about two weeks when they head out to the Great Outdoors…all bets are off!  The world is cruel and they may still yet all die.

I am making a consorted effort to limit my time in front of the computer.  This is leading down the road of reading more books, a hobby I have always loved.  I’m even getting in to posting some reviews!  That’s great fun — what a nerdy thing to say!

I have a friend that reviews books and she’s always reading, far more than I ever could.  Truly I am a slow reader and she’s Mario Andretti.  Though if I could stay awake it might be easier for me to read, thus has come a rock and a hard place in my life.  The new found desire to read has limited my beer and wine consumption!  A beer or a glass of wine and a few hours of reading in the evening don’t mix really well.  Yet another sad face for me.

I just finished Sycamore Row by John Grisham -one of my all time favorite authors.  Though the last few of his endeavors I have to say were not on my list of top choices.  Sycamore Row is back to what lovers of Grisham know and expect from him.  It’s actually the sequel to A Time to Kill  and follows Jake Brigance and any novel that lets me picture Matthew McConaughey as the main character is a 10+.

So more books, more gardening and thankful it’s Spring!  That about sums it up for me.


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