Two days in a row…look at me go! I had to share this beautiful picture I took yesterday of my pear tree in full bloom.  Just look at that deep blue sky!  You can almost feel the sunshine.

Last night, or technically early this morning I finished a really great book.  Wild: Lost and Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed.  It was so amazing.  I am always hesitant to give a book,  even my favorites, five stars but this one is pretty close.

The book is Cheryl’s four month trek across a nature trail that extents from Mexico to Canada.  She hikes a portion from California to the Oregon/Washington border.  It is inspiring, awesome, crazy and sad all at the same time.

My idea of being one with nature is outdoor pool and even I was motivated by Cheryl’s bravery and had aspirations of going out and buying boots and a backpack.  Let me be clear and say those thoughts were fleeting but the story is wonderful and I can see a more adventurous person taking Cheryl’s journey to heart and doing exactly what she did.

The novel really goes to the basics of who you are as a person.  Did you choose the life you have or did it just happen to you?  Cheryl feels like most of the circumstances of her life have been the result of what happened by accident or someone’s mistakes.  Her journey across the Pacific Crest Trail is all about letting go, about finding herself.  She is very literally walking away from one life and walking towards another.

This next week I will be moving on myself.  Hopefully getting ground broke in my garden!  Employing the hubbs to till up the ground though planing is still a little ways off.  I’ll also be choosing another book!  We shall see what lies ahead there – lot’s of possibilities and hopefully a giveaway freebie or two coming my way!


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