A little bit of Sunshine

Today I got to sit outside and enjoyed a bit of sunshine!  Happy in my beach chair in the backyard with a good book, yes I am a happy girl.  Though I will admit that I am a little pink which I fear is going to be a lot of pink in a few more hours.

I am going to admit that yesterday brought about the first of my sordid love / hate relationship I have with gardening.  I love it when I’m tending to beautiful flowers in the beds.  Snipping and caring for them, watering them in the heat – dainty work.  I love it when I am pulling huge ripe tomatoes and veggies from healthy, bushy green plants.  But oh I hate it when I’m outside and the bugs are swarming me and I’m toiling in overgrown weeds invading my space.  At those moments I want to run to the market and buy a pack of whatever I’m growing for a few precious dollars and be done with it all.

Alas, I do enjoy it more than I dislike it so the insect infestation and weed murdering goes on.

From the Stacks:

I’m about a quarter of the way through Remember Me Like this by Bret Anthony Johnson.  It’s set to come out May 13 and so far I’m enjoying it.  I’ll give it a quick review when I’m finished but you can always catch my complete review of the books I’ve read over on Goodreads.


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