It’s GROW time!!

It’s FINALLY gotten warm enough in the day, and more importantly the nights, to start planting.  Today the cherry tomato seedlings went out.  Also in the ground today are some green beans and some flower seeds. I’m so glad to get this garden season kicked off.  
Over the next few weeks I have so much that has to go into the ground!  Part of me wonders what on earth I’ve gotten myself into.  The other part can’t wait to see this flourishing garden!!  Gardening is relaxing and fun, yes, but it is also lots of work.  Really as long as all is going according to plan I don’t mind it though.  It’s good work most of the time.  It’s when plants start dying off, the bugs invade your plants, and the weeds take over completely that I just hate to garden.
So here is hoping all goes as planned!!
From The Stacks:
Still working on the gardening book.  It’s good information but you can really only read so much of it at once. I’ve been lazy about getting this one under my belt.  And reading a novel that I am REALLY enjoying called One of Us by Tawni O’Dell.
Enjoy your spring days – it will be the hot hot summer before we know it!

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