Weekend Fun

Saturday was a wonderful day spent outside in the spring sunshine.  Hubbs and I went to a local craft show and plant sale.  I was able to pick up a new mint plant – Kentucky Colonel which is supposed to be the best for Mint Juleps.  ‘Tis the Derby season you know and all good Southern gals like their bourbon.   I also snagged two rosemary plants.  The hard winter we had killed mine from last year, so I am set back with two small transplants again.  I love fresh rosemary – it can go in nearly anything.

As far as Sunday goes, we are spending that taking care of the lawn and other outside stuff.  I love lazy weekend days.

From the Stacks:

Still working on that gardening book!  I need to make myself finish it before starting another novel.

I finished One of Us by Tawni O’Dell.  This book was really, really good.  The story line is a bit different so I like that it’s not the same old novel with just different people.  I highly recommend this when it hits stores in August.

The run down is basically this; it’s a novel told from two different narrators perspectives.  Sometimes I like that and sometimes it’s distracting.  I think in One of Us it could go either way.  I think having two narrators gives you insight that would be hard to get from one character’s point of view.  On the other hand I do think this novel would have been successful if the author had chosen one or the other to tell the story.  I’m just getting a bit worn out on this trend in novels I suppose.

Our main character Danny is a successful forensic psychologist living in the big city.  He returns home to the small town he is from, and not very fond of. We get to learn all about his less than perfect childhood as his family and it’s secrets are laid out through the story line.

Our second main character, Scarlet, is a beautiful classic rich girl.  Except for the small detail that she’s as crazy as they come.  Scarlet also takes us on a journey through her childhood and we learn about her families troubling history.

Here’s to looking forward to a productive week!

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