Rain Rain Go Away

Today marks the second day of possibly five dreary, rainy days.  I always like a good rainy day now and then but when you are looking at a weather forecast with no sunshine in sight it just gets depressing.

It would figure that a few days after putting my first plants, and some seeds, into my garden that we are held hostage by thunderstorms.  I hope they all survive.

Tomorrow marks an exciting day – I’m expecting a package from UPS!  I finally broke down and ordered a Kindle Paperwhite. I’m used to reading on my Nexus 7 tablet, which I love, but it’s just terrible for reading outside and I do a lot of that in the nice weather.  So I’m joining the Kindle crowd.

Hubby also is expecting a delivery and an interesting one at that.  We are starting a worm bin, vermicompost to be exact.  He’s been designated official Worm Wrangler. While I do appreciate what they will do for my garden  it does not mean I want to touch them.  I’m more than happy to let that fall into the category of  “man job”.

Hopefully there will be a garden left by the time all this weather moves through.

From The Stacks:

I finished a really great novel – always nice when you get something you really like.

Here’s the run down:

That Night, from author Chevy Stevens, is a great literary work. The plotline of this novel is great, but the characters totally make the book what it is.

Our main character, Toni, is a typical bad girl teen, but really she’s not so terrible. However, her parents never seem to see the best in her. Toni gets a reputation for being a troublemaker around her small town.. Her boyfriend and the community opinion of him doesn’t help matters.

When Toni falls out of favor with her so-called friends in High School the girls devote a lot of time into making her life hell. Toni’s do-no-wrong little sister becomes the new favorite friend of the mean girl clique and no matter what happens, her parents will never see that Nicole is secretive, deceitful, and leading a dual life. The secret life that ultimately gets her killed.

In the middle of the shock of finding her sister dead, Toni doesn’t even consider that she and Ryan are suspects – the only suspects – and they are convicted of Nicole’s murder.

After spending 15 years in prison, Ryan and Toni return home and are out to prove their innocence. They suspect Toni’s old friends had something to do with Nicole’s murder but they are not prepared for the truth they uncover.

Thanks to St. Martins Press for the early review copy.  Look for this one to hit bookshelves in mid June.
Hopefully I’ll be reading something great by tomorrow afternoon on my new Kindle.  

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