Got Worms???

Well first things first – My Kindle Paperwhite arrived yesterday and I LOVE IT!!  I was kind of afraid it would be so similar to my tablet that it wouldn’t be worth having a designated e-reader.  I’ve read half of my newest book on it and it’s just great!

The Kindle is so light and a bit smaller than my tablet so I can hold it (while lounging on the couch) with just one hand.  The back light makes it easy to read when the room is dim and I can already tell my eyes won’t get as tired by reading on the Paperwhite.

In other news….

…our worms arrived today.   Two thousand red wigglers!  Ick factor aside, I’m happy to have the worm bin and what it will eventually do for my garden.  They are a great way to use up kitchen scraps and then you collect the castings in a few months for one of the best (and natural) fertilizers for your plants.

If you have a garden, I suggest you check out all the benefits of vermicompost!

If you’re on the fence about a designated e-ready versus a tablet, I give the Kindle Paperwhite a huge seal of approval!


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