Favorite Things….

The warm weather ushers in so many of my favorite things.  Today would have been a perfect afternoon to head over to the beach.  Relaxing in the sand with a book and listening to the waves is one of my favorite ways to pass the time.

When I first moved here I thought for sure I would head over routinely and stake my claim on a patch of shoreline for the day.  Yet, like most locals, I hardly ever go.  It’s a shame since I do love it so much.  But a day at the beach really is more of a vacation activity and doesn’t fit into every day life.

Usually I settle for an hour or so in a chair in my back yard.  Not exactly the beach – but nice enough to read and catch a tan.

I’m also checking in on the garden and watching things grow.  It’s so neat to see what started out as just seeds transform in to ‘real plants’ and later bring in a great harvest!  Growing from seed was luckily much easier than I had anticipated and definitely worth the time.

From the Stacks:

I started and finished Cruise by Suzanne Vermeer.  It was a delightful and easy read – just perfect for summer!  Thanks to NetGalley and Open Road Integrated Media for the advanced read.

Cruise is a novel about a married couple who end up on a cruise for their honeymoon.  The husband mysteriously disappears in what we find out quickly is a plot to fake his own death.

The how and especially the WHY of this event is the basis of the whole novel.  Cruise isn’t really a mystery but there are some twisty plot points that keep it exciting.  The writing style is fluid and light which makes the novel a quick read.  Suzanne Vermeer does a wonderful job of painting a picture of the Mediterranean and her characters are well written.

What I particularly liked about this novel was the setting.  Most of the book takes place in Spain and the Netherlands.  This was such a refreshing change compared to all the novels that are set in sunny California or busy, trendy Manhattan.  A setting to which the reader has no real reference point allows for more imagination and added a lot to the overall experience of the novel.

I recommend this to anyone looking to pick up a good, light read.  Look for it to hit bookshelves in mid May.

Wishing you happy reading and sunny skies!


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