Outdoor Adventures

This is my kitty Simon.  Although this photo was taken last summer, going outside (to eat grass) still remains one of his favorite activities.  He loves to smell the breeze and lay in the lawn.

Since the weather has warmed up we have been enjoying outside time for the past few days.  Though I have four cats, Simon is the only one that goes out.  The others are much more ‘normal’ and skittish about things. Not to mention that Simon goes outside because he’s completely nuts.

Simon is my challenging child.  He’s nearly five now and we love him dearly – he has always been a daddy’s man.  Simon is hyper-vocal and very rambunctious.  So we have outdoor time to help chill him out a bit. Some days it works better than others!

Currently Simon has a basic harness but I’ve been looking into some of the walking vests.  Particularly the one from sturdiproducts.com.  I really like all of the stuff by this company, the cat carriers are amazing! Thanks to Jackson Galaxy more and more kitties are having safe outdoor experiences and cat harnesses have come a long way.

From the Stacks:

The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynne Branard – what a great book this was!  I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful novel and as a once upon a time floral designer, it had special interest to me.

So the basic run down is our main girl, Ruby, has had a fairly rough childhood.  With an addict for a mother and an absent father Ruby and her sister end up in foster care.  Luckily their grandmother wants to raise them and the girls are returned to family.

As young adults Ruby’s sister, Daisy, meets tragedy and passes away.  This loss is paralyzing for Ruby  and she deals with it in different ways through her life.  Daisy’s death is what leads Ruby to become a florist. Learning about the flowers and making beautiful arrangements is her therapy.

This book is really about love, family and self growth in many, many layers.  The novel is full of wonderful characters and they really make the story what it is.

I very highly recommend you pick this up on June 3 when it hits shelves.

I’ll post a picture of the new harness when it comes in!  Hopefully anyone with a kitty who enjoys, or might enjoy, a chance to get out doors will like them.


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