This past weekend was beautiful!  I hope you all enjoyed the nice weather as much as the hubbs and I did!  We went to the 13th Annual International Beer Fest here in our area.  It was a really good time – I love that sort of thing.  We are lucky enough to have great venues for things like beer and wine festivals, several concert venues, and celebrations throughout the year.
I have been working out in the garden – obviously!  It’s amazing how well things are going!  The tomato plants already have flowers and the peppers won’t be too far behind.
As far as reading goes; I am behind!!  I hate that.  I haven’t started anything new in days.  I’ve been busy with other stuff around the house.  Getting closer to vacation time and I’m trying to get all things clean and organized before we go.  Vacations are much more work as an adult than the summer getaway when you’re little.
From The Stacks:
The Shadow Year from Hannah Richell  is already out in stores so the good news is that you can pick it up right away.  And you should!
The rundown on this novel is that it basically follows two story lines that alternate. The book unfolds as the two plots come together into a fascinating ending
 First there is Lila who has just suffered the loss of her first child.  She inherits a lakeside cabin in a pretty remote location.  The kicker is that Lila doesn’t know this property even existed or better yet who left it to her. 
Upon her first visit to the cabin Lila discovers that the property has been neglected for a very long time. However she feels a kind of inexplicable connection to it and decided she is going to bring it back to a beautiful little spot.  She really underestimates the time and work this endeavor will be and her husband is not to thrilled with the project.
Rewind thirty years into the past and you get the second group of characters and their story.  A group of college room mates have just graduated.  They decide to throw caution to the wind and abandon their lives for awhile.  The group of five make a life in the little lakeside cabin.  What they encounter and their trials through this time brings some closer together and tears some of their friendships apart.
Lila’s discovery of the cabin is long after it has been, what appears to be, a very strange and hurried abandonment of the group.  Through the novel she discovers who lived their, what happened to them all and even more importantly how it impacts her life now.
This is a debut novel for Hannah Richell and it is amazing.  I look forward to her future works.
Enjoy your week!

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