Memorial Day

Happy Holiday Weekend!

I still love a three day weekend even though I don’t have to schlep off to work every morning.  Usually it’s an occasion to be lazy, though that’s not the case this time around.  The hubbs is off from work so we have a bit of a relaxing weekend.

This weekend we have both been pretty productive.  Taking advantage of the extra time to get some projects done around the house.  I am in a cleaning mode – taking down curtains to wash, cleaning up some blinds- all the stuff that isn’t on a normal cleaning routine.  Last week I sorted out drawers and closets.

Not really jobs that are fun but are nice to have done.

Hoping to still get a book read this week – despite the busy schedule.  We’ll see how that tuns out.  I give it a 50/50 chance.

From The Stacks:

Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer is a great summer read.  The novel is quick and light and it’s perfect for a beach weekend!  I really loved this novel and look forward to other things by Nancy Thayer.  I have a blogging friend who also likes her books.

Nantucket Sisters is about the ins and outs of a childhood friendship between two little girls as they grow up. Maggie and Emily are from different paths of life in nearly every way.

Maggie is from a poor family and a broken home.  Maggie resides on Nantucket Island year round and has a deep love for the nature and beauty of where she lives.

Emily is from a rich family that lives in New York City but visits their summer home on Nantucket.  What draws the girls together is that Emily also has a deep passion for books and nature.

Through many twists and turns of live we see the girls grow into adults and the ties that bind them are strong.  Even though they spend several years absent from each others lives, the two always find a way back to their special friendship.

Nantucket Sisters is truly a book to love.  It paints a picture of the special kind of love between lifelong friends.

Look for Nancy Thayer’s novel in stores June 17.
As always, thanks to Ballentine and Edelweiss for the Advance Read.

Enjoy the short work week and get out and get some sunshine!

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