Monthly Archives: June 2014

An Unhappy Ending….

The past week was full of stuff to do!  A family birthday meant a night out and  garden care – those tomatoes are still looking rough, but other things are coming into harvest.  The hubbs and I also went into Norfolk and to the Cajun fest that’s held yearly.  It […]

Lazy Day

So I’ve taken a few liberties on this week after vacation….okay stretch that a bit; it’s been 11 days since we got back!  I had so much housecleaning under my belt that I’ve completely idled away nearly two weeks. Time to get back on track I suppose. The garden needs […]

Unlucky Number…

Today is Friday the 13th.  For the most part, I can say I usually notice when this event occurs on the calendar but it’s never proven to be more than just another Friday.  Lucky Me!  I’m not a superstitious person though.  I don’t go around walking under ladders to tempt […]