Back To Reality

After a fabulous vacation in New York City it’s time to get back to reality and the daily grind of life.  It was such a wonderful trip but the hubbs and I were ready to come home!  Three and a half non-stop days in the city was amazing and exhausting!!

I did not get to read anything at all on our trip – I don’t know when I thought I’d have the time for that!!  So I have an ever bigger stack of books waiting for me and I didn’t make any progress!  The silver lining of that is that I am looking VERY forward to a few lazy days on the sofa or outside doing nothing but reading.

I think the worst part about coming home from vacation is all the laundry and unpacking! UGG… but I will work in a load or two between book chapters and all shall return to normal in a day or so.

A blissful nothing coming up this week and I’m very happy about that!  Laundry, gardening and reading is everything on my list all week!

Here are a few pictures from NYC!  It’s crazy, loud, and surprisingly it smelled!!  But it was a true experience that I enjoyed so, so much and I think it’s a place everyone should visit at least once.

Radio City!

M&M’s Store….

Times Square from the Big Red Steps
Flat Iron Building

Chelsea Market – Food Mecca!!
Central Park from the Empire State Building

Columbus Square, Unisphere

Macy’s at Herald Square
View of the city from Empire State Building

The Bow Bridge at Central Park
Our Lady Liberty

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