Unlucky Number…

Today is Friday the 13th.  For the most part, I can say I usually notice when this event occurs on the calendar but it’s never proven to be more than just another Friday.  Lucky Me!  I’m not a superstitious person though.  I don’t go around walking under ladders to tempt fate mind you, but I also don’t avoid black cats or freak out over a broken mirror.  However, thinking about that particular point…how many mirrors does one break in a lifetime?  I can’t recall any.

We have finally gotten some much needed rain!  Most all day yesterday and more expected today.  The garden is starting to look a bit under the weather so I’m hoping this will perk things up.  Actually everything looks great except for the tomatoes!  I read everywhere how tomatoes are the most popular home grown vegetable (uh…fruit) because they are so easy!  Bah!!  Every single year my tomatoes are the first things to need extra care and crap out.  Hopefully this year I’ll keep them going.  If not, tomatoes are cheap at the market!!
Wednesday marked a first I believe for me!  If not the first…certainly the first I can recall.  I started and finished a book all in one day!  I know that gets an eye roll from some, but I’m excited about it!  I know a few people that read a book in one day all the time. Or at the very least one and a half.  I just can’t do it!!  
Granted that it wasn’t a long book at all at just over 200 pages but I’m happy nonetheless 
So here it is…
From The Stacks:
The Murder Farm by Andrea Maria Schenkel is a book published  originally in 2008.  The author is German and the book has been recently translated and is being published by Quercus Books.
Honestly I have very mixed feelings about this novel.  The story is good, the concept.  However, I feel like it is half of a book.  It just felt like a draft more than a competed novel.  The Murder Farm is also listed as a mystery/thriller type book.  I suppose it’s a “who done it” style as the reader doesn’t find out who “the murder” is until the end.  However, I can’t say it was a surprise in the least when the murder was revealed and there was very little you could call thrilling about the book.
The Murder Farm is based around the Danner family who is found murdered.  Some sort of reporter-type character (I can’t say for sure who or what he is) appears at the very beginning of the book. The entire novel is written on the format of a rotating narrator.  Each chapter is told from a different person’s perspective seemingly in an interview style with the reporter.  
While I like the general idea of this, it’s executed poorly.  The reader is given the identity of a chapters narrator as a heading and each chapter is just a monologue of that persons account of events. There is virtually NO dialog in the entire book!  This leads the novel to get pretty boring and is what makes it feel so incomplete.
The story of the Danner family is modeled after the real-life mystery and unsolved murder of a family in 1922 Bavaria, though The Murder Farm is set in the 1950’s.  I really won’t give too many in’s and out’s of the story because there is so little mystery already in the novel.

I will say that the book wasn’t bad, just not at all what I was expecting given the books official description and jacket copy.  I’m not sure if the translation or the writing style caused such disappointment for me.  If you are looking for a quick and easy read then this book may be enjoyable for a day on the beach.  If you are a true mystery/thriller book lover like myself then this is probably not the book for you.

Have a Lucky Friday the 13th!!

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