An Unhappy Ending….

The past week was full of stuff to do!  A family birthday meant a night out and  garden care – those tomatoes are still looking rough, but other things are coming into harvest.  The hubbs and I also went into Norfolk and to the Cajun fest that’s held yearly.  It was lots of fun but just too hot to sit and watch the musical acts on stage – which was disappointing.  Despite the heat we had a great time looking around and enjoying some New Orleans treats.

Crawdads!!  Great that I tried them – if you’ve never had them then you’re not missing much!

Beignets!! OMG!!  A trip to New Orleans would be worth it just for these.

From The Stacks:

I finished the book I was given awhile back from Goodreads.  The Arsonist by Sue Miller.  It hits stores today if you are interested – great timing!!

The Arsonist by Sue Miller is a novel that is quite ambiguous for me.   After reading this I have one foot firmly placed on each side of the fence.  I really can’t say I would recommend The Arsonist, however I also feel like it’s not on a Do Not Read list either.  

The novel is supposed to be centered around a rash of house fires that break out over one summer and the way the town and it’s people deal with an unknown arsonist in their midst.   I felt this novel went in too many directions and never went down the main path the reader expected.  Much of the story felt like a distraction and was extraneous – just plain irrelevant to the story.  

The flow of The Arsonist is sluggish and even stagnant at some points.  This is a disappointing aspect for a novel thats premise is based on an unidentified person terrorizing a small town by burning it down house by house.  

As far as the ending goes for this novel: If you are one of the many who was up in arms over the final episode of Dexter, or shocked and enraged over the famous Fade to Black of the Sopranos…this book is not for you.

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