Hurricanes, Holidays and Harvesting.

The big news this week is Arthur.  A potential Tropical Storm/Hurricane gearing up off the Florida coast and set to head my way in time for the holiday weekend.  I’m not too big on July 4 festivities so the storm isn’t going to exactly rain on my parade.  However, no one likes a storm like this blowing through no matter the timing.

Other than Arthur – the past days have brought some gardening woes and potential fixes!  The new irrigation system (thanks to the hubbs) seems to be working well.  A few initial kinks to work out but all seems to be ..uh…right as rain.

I’m waiting for the official soil test to come back from Virginia Tech.  Part of me thinks that the results can’t be but so bad because stuff IS growing out there.  But I also won’t be surprised if we have a lot of work to do to get things in top condition.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I’ve been harvesting some killer zucchini, a few odd tomatoes here and there and a good amount of cucumbers.  It’s so nice to have a salad…no that’s a lie – salad is never a great thing!  But if you’re going to have to eat one – it’s better with garden fresh veggies!!

Huge Golden Zucchini!

Lilies are blooming
Beautiful Hydrangea

From The Stacks:

WOW – am I ever glad this one landed in my pile to read!  One of my favorite books in awhile – there is no excuse for any reader of mystery/thriller novels to not grab this up in a hurry.

Until You’re Mine, a novel by Samantha Hayes is a masterful thriller that will keep you burning the midnight oil turning the pages. Everything you think you know – you don’t.

The reader follows the oscillating narrative of three main characters. Each character reveals their part in a central story line and bit by bit the reader digs into their lives and how they connect.

Set in Birmingham, England a rash of pregnant women are being attacked and their unborn children are being stolen from them.

Until You’re Mine is packed with mystery, suspense, and the reader will be entranced in the fast-paced action. This novel is a movie just waiting to happen and sure to be a breakout novel for the summer that has everyone talking.

Check out my full review on GoodReads and pick up a copy, out in stores now.

Enjoy your week and your holiday!!

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