Finally Friday… 2

I have no idea why some weeks seem to fly by while others just drag on and on.  This week has certainly been slow although with what appears to be so much time, I have still remarkably managed to get very little done.  Good thing there is always next week – maybe it will be faster.

We have had so much rain around here the last few days.  I don’t really mind rainy days – but rain like we’ve had just makes no sense.

Hurricane Arthur blew through last Friday, as a tropical storm here.  Luckily we escaped that one with little damage and the garden took the biggest hit.  My corn stalks were blown over and I did lose a few tomato plants to being blown around.  The storms of yesterday afternoon put that hurricane to shame!  My God I’ve never seen such rain…hopefully we will dry out some now.

The rest of today will bring housework – everybody’s favorite.  Then I’m determined to get the current book (The Forever Man) finished.  It’s not bad, I just can’t  really plow through it.  It’s kind of a futuristic sci-fi deal which is way out of the realm of what I usually read.  Though I have to admit I am liking it – the plot is pretty good: at least it is at half way through!

Here is the July pub list for things I’ve read/will read just as a reminder if you were looking for one to hit stores.  Check out my Goodreads profile for a review on The Butcher!

The Forever Man, – July 8

The Butcher – July 15

Wedding in Provence – July 15

Stealing Venice – July 28


Have a Happy Weekend!



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