Modernization…. 2

After enjoying the French Press style of coffee making for quite some time; the hubbs and I have modernized!  A drip style coffee maker now is taking up residence in my kitchen.

I’m not a coffee addict, I can really take it or leave it most of the time. Honestly it’s just that I’m more lazy than my desire for the coffee.

I used a Keurig for a long time until I found “good coffee” and then I just couldn’t drink those pods anymore.  Honestly, they are enormously expensive! Thus came the French Press which is a great way to make coffee if you want to babysit it for the near 15 minutes it takes to make a cup from start to finish.

The taste is marginally different (better with drip if you can’t stand that bit of silt in your cup) and the ability to grind the beans and hit a button and walk away is wonderful.  The big bonus for me is that the hubbs get up first so for the past few days there has been coffee just waiting for me to mosey out to the kitchen.  Today he even had my mug out and waiting for me–what a guy!

In other news, the garden pests are pushing me to my limit!  Between the bugs, disease, and near drowning rain I really don’t know how anything survives out there.  I’ve lost one zucchini plant maybe even two to vine borers.  Fortunately I had a seedling start waiting in the wings for such an occasion.  Yesterday I planted the new plant and I’m crossing my fingers!

From the Stacks:

Todays theme of modernization continues!  I read a Sci-Fi genera novel which is very off the beaten path for me.

The question asked in The Forever Man is if it’s possible with the right genetic twist and turns can you reverse human aging? Is it conceivable that someone could live forever; and would you want to?

The Forever Man has a well written cast of characters and the reader will identify on all sides of the story. Each character is armed with his or her own agenda and is struggling to come out on top of the in the political, scientific and financial ring.

What intrigued me the most about The Forever Man is that you can envision this created world and it’s battles. I’m not sure that is a comfort as it seems a pretty unsettling place, but it makes for very good literature.

Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced read!  If you love sci-fi you’ll like this one a lot…if you’re not usually a fan of this style then this is a good read to put your toe in the water so to speak. It’s out in stores now.


Enjoy your week!

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2 thoughts on “Modernization….

  • Patty

    I never knew you were a push and plunge kind of coffee drinker! Those are always too strong for me…we vary from KCups to brewed…depending on our mood! I love that you tried out a new genre! Yeah!

    Sorry about the garden!