Saturday Night Fever…. 2

So it’s not exactly a night out on the town this weekend.  I have few of those it seems these days. It has been a busy day of, mostly, fun things.

To start the day, a box of spices arrived in my mailbox!  I placed an order at Penzys so that I could make pickles out of a the cucumbers from my garden.  I was so amazed at their selection it took me forever to look through it all.  












After a delicious breakfast, I got started on the pickling.  A new endeavor but all went smoothly and I have jars of refrigerator bread and butter pickles and canned dill spears.  How exciting!!


Dill Pickles

The afternoon brought yard work – never fun but a necessity

Dinner was surprisingly fabulous.  Ravioli stuffed with mozzarella and spinach (from frozen).  I sauteed some mushrooms and a summer squash to put with it and a white pasta sauce. It was sooo good!  I love when you try something new and it works out.

Tonight I’m  kicking back with some dessert and Prosecco.   I should be reading but I’m once again hooked on Candy Crush.  LORD that game pisses me off – but I always go back.



Sassy girl Lexie enjoying some Tilapia freshly cooked by yours truly.  Good thing these guys aren’t spoiled!

The rest of the evening I’ll be working hard to finish my current read, Stealing Venice.  I’m also tuning into my nerdy side and going through my Penzys Spices catalog.  Whoo Hoo!!


Have a happy weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fever….

  • Linda

    How exciting to see your jars of pickles! Way to go, can’t wait to hear all about it and how it went. Hope you enjoyed some down time tonight!