Back On The Wagon 1

To say I have fallen off the wagon with the blog is a serious understatement!  So here we go with take two!!  I have a friend who blogs every day!  I just don’t have that kind of commitment to much except eating and that is even debatable at times!

So the quick update is the kits are are fine and sassy as ever!  The garden is pot luck this year…what’s good is good what’s not good is those fussy tomatoes!  I’m already making pickles by the truckload and the zucchini is taking over!

There are several new reviews over on my Goodreads page so check those out!  The latest book I finished was All Dogs Go To Kevin by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang and it is definitely on my good books list!  Check it out!

All Dogs

Sharp prose, sassy anecdotes and a range of real emotion throughout.  Anyone who has had a pet or the opportunity to work with animals will find themselves nodding along and giggling in sympathy to each canine calamity.

Hopefully we’ll meet again tomorrow!!


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