A busy weekend…a lazy week

Over the weekend we discovered we had a cat adopt our house.  He stayed for two days and he seems to have gone on his way.  I suppose we were just a rest stop along his way.  My first cat was a feral so I have a soft spot for these special feline souls…I know what amazing companions they can be.

It finally cooled off enough (for a day) that I got some much needed work done in the garden. Harvesting, pruning, pulling and replanting! This year I decided I was going to be prepared for the bug invasion and not wage the war on insects.  After days and days of rain and lack of attention the squash plants were, of course, invaded!  So I ripped those babies right out and plopped brand new plants that I started a few weeks ago into their spots!  Having those fresh new starts made me very happy!  In about two weeks the zucchini should be rolling in again!

2015-07-12 15.34.57

2015-07-12 15.29.11

Not much planned for this week which is always a joy.  I’m anxious to finish the current read as it’s really good!  I love when you pick up a book by an author you don’t know and it’s wonderful!  It’s easy to get stuck in book ruts – reading the same thing by the same authors over and over.  But once in awhile you are truly rewarded for branching out.

Today it is again a day with storms on the horizon.  Typical July weather around here. The kitties are taking full advantage of a quiet, cloudy day.

Simon and Lexie snoozing away

Simon and Lexie snoozing away


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