A day of Sin!


I am an addict.  I need an intervention.

I have a serious problem right now with vanilla cones from Dariy Queen. Whew! At least it’s out there now – I’ve owned up to my problem.  The funny thing is that I really am not a fan of vanilla ice cream – but there is something magical about that cold, creamy cone that beckons me like the bat symbol.

In other news – I have not yet finished Trust No One yet!  I was just to lazy and tired to read last night and instead spent a few hours on the sofa with the kitties catching up on the last season of The Good Wife.  I do love that show and I’m super excited to hear Jeffery Dean Morgan is joining the cast.  Though he will always be Denny Douquette to me.


The events of today were lunch and Magic Mike XXL.  So, it was a good day!!  Nothing could be bad about 2 hours and 10 minutes of Channing Tatum.  Was the movie great?  Nope…but no one cares.  The story was a little slow and the dialog was sort of strange in places but, no one cares!  I even thought the ending was kind of a let down.  No. One. Cares.

Anyone going to see this is NOT going for the story line or the snappy dialog or for any other reason but to see Channing Tatum and Company dance their half naked asses off.  And on that point, Magic Mike XXL delivers.  There are a few really great scenes and the entire first 3/4 of the movie is just foreplay (ha ha) and build up to the last 30 minutes or so of OMG hotness.

That’s pretty much all for the day…ice cream cones and nearly naked hot men.  What else could a gal want?


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