And the cat came back

The week has just flown by!  Today was a trip to the grocery for odds and ends and a much needed visit to the salon.  I have never been good about maintaining a hairstyle.  Right now it’s long and I don’t get it cut often.   My hubby gets his hair done far far more than I do.  Good thing it’s cheaper!

The stray kitty has reappeared.  I’m not very happy that I contacted many rescues in my area and non will take feral cats or they are full and can’t help even if they did take them.  This is what kind of problem you create when you are too stupid to spay or neuter your pet and then let it roam the neighborhoods.  Pet overpopulation is not an animal problem – it’s a people problem.

Anyway – the kitties name, for now, is Avery.  It’s unisex since we are not positive if it’s a he or a she.  Maybe I should have call it Caitlyn.  (my bad).  I’ve put out some storage bins with “door” holes in them.  One for shelter and one for food and water. Hopefully Avery will find them suitable. If no one will take him in, then hubby and I have agreed to put up a more permanent shelter in the way back yard away from the house.  It’s the best I can offer him and it’s better than he has now.

On another note, the Fed-Ex man made me laugh today.  He delivered a big and heavy box and asked if it was cat litter.  Good guess since the box said PetFlow on it.  I said yes it was and he replied ‘there is only one thing heaver than cat litter and that’s lead.  I hate their free shipping when you spend fifty bucks.  I have days when my truck is full of dog food.”  I feel sorry for him lugging all that heavy stuff all day! However, I LOVE not having to lug cat litter and bags of food to and from my car.  Cat litter delivery is wonderful, sorry Fed-Ex men of the world.

Finally finished Trust No One and that review should be up on Goodreads shortly. Essentially I thought the book was a good thriller novel, very well written and would certainly recommend.

All for now!


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