Life is a Highway 2

Let it be known that I am not a great car rider.  I don’t mind traveling, however, I just don’t ride very well in a car for any length of time.  Though I did spend 8 hours on a train last June and that wasn’t all roses either.

The hubbs and I traveled to Maryland to attend his nephews first birthday.  It was a good opportunity to see his brothers which does not happen often.  Under normal circumstances driving that distances is not exactly fun and it makes for a long day as we decided not to make it an over night trip.  Yesterday was hardly normal circumstances…or wasn’t it? It seems there are always troubles out on the road.

Our journey to Maryland was very early in the morning and we really encountered little traffic or snags and we made it in about 5 hours.  Our journey home was hell and accounted for more than 7 hours of our 20 hour day.  This is probably a very good reason that we do not make that trip often.  However, it was fun to see baby Jack for his birthday he is very cute for a little person.

In other news, I have not started a new book yet.  Today was spent as a complete sloth as I am recovering from yesterday.


I made progress on getting Lexie’s painting done.  The artist and I selected which photo to use and I’m certain it will turn out beautifully.  As you can imagine I had a ton of photos to pick from!  I love the one we chose, it’s actually one of my favorites of her.  She’s such a pretty girl and she photographs well.

That’s all the news for now.  Hopefully a new book tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Life is a Highway

  • LisaD

    LOL yes, being completely lazy and binge watching t.v. is sometimes the only solution. No, I can’t read in the car 🙁 I used to as a kid but it makes me sick now 🙁